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Co-Construct - Selections and Approvals Made Easy

Our priority is a smooth and enjoyable journey to building your new home. Afterall, it is meant to be an exciting and important adventure. To this end Butler General Builders provides all of our clients with access to a secure website with all of the details of their new home right at your fingertips.

Regardless of where you are, whether that be at work, on the road, on vacation or at home, any necessary information is available through your personalised login area. You have access to a customised selections section, opportunity to review your upgrades, revisit your financial decisions, ask any questions, read through documentation, view your photos, and much more.

The examples below will give you just a brief overview of the ways our online client access promises to keep you informed and in touch every step of the way through the construction of your new home.
Simplified Selections and Approvals.....
Selection Sheet... See choices and stay on schedule
Want to know exactly what decisions are coming up next? Would you like to review again the selections you have made? The customised login area of our site organises selection articles on your colour-coded list. It will also review all of your allowances, any pricing, and many more helpful details. You will be able to easily follow your upcoming selections by the flag that is designed to keep you right on schedule.
Electronic Approvals made easy...
All of your upgrades can be viewed and approved online. This eliminates having to fax or mail signed documents back and forth with the Butler General Builders office.
Your Financial Totals kept Up-to-date...
Want to keep a track of your running total of the financial decisions you have made on your new Butler General Builders Built home. Any decision you make on your customised selection sheet will be automatically reflected on your expenses page. From here you can easily see how each of your choices will affect the overall price of your home. Our system provides you a simplified opportunity to approve a changed order which saves you the time and energy in the long-run.
Comments, Photos, and Files... all in the one easy to locate place...
As your see the progression of your new home, inevitably you will need to have questions about particular items. It may be asking for clarification on a selection or reviewing an update on a warranty request. Through our automated system, you can easily add any comments to many of the items in the site. Your comments are groupd together in a conversation with the items to which they relate. This is the ultimate way to keep your important information organised and readily available to everyone. Not only is it convenient, but it eliminates any misunderstandings. There is also a dedicated area where you can attach files and photos for your builder and vice versa.
Keep track of those inevitable loose ends
Our online automated system allows you to submit warranty requests online. Revisit the site to check your status, make any comments and confirm when they are all completed.
An opportunity for the necessary information to come to you...
Morning noon or night you are able to access the customised login area of the website. If there is something needing to be updated or reviewed at any time you will also receive an e-mail in your inbox letting you know.

Butler General Builders

Online Client Access

Any building project is meant to be an exciting and enjoyable venture. That is why Butler General Builders has gone to the extent of offering each of our clients with an automated system to make the whole process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Each of our clients will be provided with access to a secure website outlining all of the intricate details of their project.

Butler General Builders is committed to offering all the information you need regarding your new project, right at your fingertips, whether you are at the office, or at
home or even on the road. Everything you need to know is found in one handy location where you can also send questions and messages to your builder.

We have a demo video for you to see just a couple of the ways our online client access keeps you in touch and well-informed throughout the duration of your project.

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